For the last couple of weeks I’ve been spending some of my free time hacking on gorevisit, a golang microframework for making services for is an image mutation service started by my friend Edna Piranha in order to “encourage developers of all skills to build small, focused services with only two API calls”.

Basically, you go to the hub and upload an image like this…


… then choose four revisit services, all of which are written and hosted by anyone who wants to create a service


… and out pops something like this:


It is totally unpredictable, and the result of multiple services created by multiple people all communicating through a shared coordination hub.  A real-time feed of glitched images is available at and some images are posted to the revisitron twitter account as well.

There’s a lot of different angles that I could address concerning this project, and perhaps I’ll cover more of them in subsequent posts.  Today I just wanted to address one, and that’s the question Angelina Fabbro asked on twitter yesterday:


Why do I love this so much?  I’ve put a lot of hours into my service micro-framework that I could have spent doing a lot of other things.  I code every day for work – spending nights and weekends coding on a project is a sign that it has seriously inspired me.  The most succinct answer is:

It feels like the old internet.

To me, is late nights listening to a modem sing accompanied by the light of blinking pixels.  It’s finding treasure troves of weird text files.  It’s a stack of devoured issues of Mondo 2000 next to computer while catching up on USENET posts.   It’s ANSI art and the demo scene and How To Mutate and Take Over The World and Hackers and Tron.

It’s a group of happy mutants pointing at the things being created by the thing they’ve made, and laughing and smiling and being surprised.

So thank you, Edna Piranha, for seeding this idea.. and thank you, all my wonderful crazy playmates collaborating together on this.  Revisiting is refreshing.

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