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Blog moved to

Just a heads up that I’m moving my blogging to my new blog at .  I’m now using Hugo  to manage my blog and I find it’s workflow much more comfortable than here.

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For the last couple of weeks I’ve been spending some of my free time hacking on gorevisit, a golang microframework for making services for is an image mutation service started by my friend Edna Piranha in order to … Continue reading

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The Edge Net and Why Projects Like This Matter

My original intention with this blog was to focus just on the technical.  However, the recent revelations about the scope of the intrusion of various nation’s intelligence agencies into the fabric of the internet itself makes it impossible to be … Continue reading

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Ethical System Administration

I started out in this industry in the mid 90s.  My first system / network administration job was at a medium sized local insurance company.  For a non tech company in the mid 90s, we had a pretty impressive infrastructure.  … Continue reading

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I love velcro

This weekend I spent some time neatening up my home office. I covered the top of a shelf with velcro, and then put velcro on the bottoms of various small electronics (raspberry pi’s, my intel nuc, usb hubs, etc). It’s … Continue reading

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Playing with Kinect and ZeroMQ Part 2

In the previous post I briefly outlined writing a simple tool to pull data off of a kinect, and pass the buffers into zeromq frames for transmission.  In this post I’m going to go over the other side of the … Continue reading

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Playing with Kinect and ZeroMQ Part 1

I was looking for something fun to play with in order to start experimenting with sending “binary” (non string) data over zeromq.  I realized I had a Microsoft Kinect laying around that no one was really using anymore, so I … Continue reading

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MongIops: Your Favorite Datastore, Only Faster

Last December, I had the pleasure of giving a presentation at MongoSV 2012 with Matthew Kennedy (Fusion-io Big Data Solutions Architect), and Dale Russell (CTO, Talksum).  The slides from the talk are available.

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Hello Again

Where did 7 months go?  I’ve neglected this place for far too long!  Since I last wrote here, I’ve embarked on a new adventure, as the platform architect for Talksum, Inc with my good friend and long time colleague Dale Russell. … Continue reading

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Simulating High Latency Networks with Linux and Netem

Recently I wanted to simulate “slow” requests against a web server in order to investigate how high latency requests impacted the system overall. After some initial experimentation with writing my own code (in python), I started looking around for other … Continue reading

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