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MongIops: Your Favorite Datastore, Only Faster

Last December, I had the pleasure of giving a presentation at MongoSV 2012 with Matthew Kennedy (Fusion-io Big Data Solutions Architect), and Dale Russell (CTO, Talksum).  The slides from the talk are available.

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Hello Again

Where did 7 months go?  I’ve neglected this place for far too long!  Since I last wrote here, I’ve embarked on a new adventure, as the platform architect for Talksum, Inc with my good friend and long time colleague Dale Russell. … Continue reading

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Simulating High Latency Networks with Linux and Netem

Recently I wanted to simulate “slow” requests against a web server in order to investigate how high latency requests impacted the system overall. After some initial experimentation with writing my own code (in python), I started looking around for other … Continue reading

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ZeroMQ Input / Output Plugins for Rsyslog

Just dropping a quick note that Aggregate Knowledge, where I work as Service Delivery Data Architect, has released our first open source release this week – zeromq input and output plugins for rsyslog. Give them a spin if it’s something … Continue reading

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How Much Do My Date Partitions Grow Each Day? – Stupid PostgreSQL Tricks

Today I had to do some fast analysis on a data warehouse to see how much the database was growing each day. The PostgreSQL database was date partitioned in a fairly standard way: each partitioned table had tables with the … Continue reading

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PostgreSQL 9, Listen / Notify, and Jruby – Part 2

I worked up one more example, in this case, using PL/Ruby rather than PL/PgSQL… and then using yaml to serialize the NEW record returned by the trigger, send it to the client, and reconstitute it as a hash. The PL/Ruby … Continue reading

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PostgreSQL 9, Listen / Notify, and Jruby.

The LISTEN / NOTIFY functionality of PostgreSQL received a large boost to functionality in the 9.0 release. Since I’ve lately been experimenting with JRuby, I decided to write up some example code of utilizing LISTEN / NOTIFY via JDBC. LISTEN … Continue reading

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