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Simulating High Latency Networks with Linux and Netem

Recently I wanted to simulate “slow” requests against a web server in order to investigate how high latency requests impacted the system overall. After some initial experimentation with writing my own code (in python), I started looking around for other … Continue reading

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Mecha Multi Mechanize

Awhile back, I had the pleasure of contributing a small amount of code to Corey Goldberg’s excellent multi-mechanize web performance and load testing framework. Since I have been experimenting with using zeromq in place of the python Queue object for … Continue reading

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Simple TCP to ZeroMQ Message Forwarder with Eventlet

I spent part of the day playing with eventlet today. Eventlet recently added zeromq support. Here’s a very simple message forwarder that sends line terminated messages sent over TCP to a zeromq push socket, using the zeromq hub:

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Python Multiprocessing – ZeroMQ vs Queue

As a quick follow up to my previous post, here’s a look at the performance of passing messages between two python processes using the Queue class vs using 0mq push / pull connections.  As a quick test, we will pass … Continue reading

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Python Multiprocessing with ZeroMQ

Recently, I’ve begun exploring the depths of ZeroMQ, and the pyzmq bindings.  This post is not an introduction to ZeroMQ, but for a basic rundown the “0MQ in A Hundred Words” blurb from the project site suffices: ØMQ (ZeroMQ, 0MQ, … Continue reading

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